High-dust SCR is not a vision of the future.
You can contact CemCat today.

Significant improvements for catalytic scrubbing in a high-dust process led to its breakthrough as a reliable technology in the cement world. It is now customized for the cement industry. Soon you will not be able to imagine our industry without it. This method is tailored to the specific needs of the cement industry.

Each scrubber is a custom system precisely designed by our engineers. In the planning stage, we will determine the conditions and all the decisive parameters in the cement plant and customize the system to match these parameters. This is a task which we complete systematically, quickly and cost effectively.

Once an SCR system is installed and we have trained your personnel, you can almost forget about us. There will only be a limited need for our assistance due to the low maintenance requirements. However, should you need support for service or upgrades, we are always available.

If you are interested in the newest Multi-Pollutant Control technology available, we are happy to present and explain our system to you. Please contact us here