These days, cement plants are not only efficiently reducing emissions
but also their associated costs

The word is spreading that cement plants are in the process of innovative changes. Necessary measures for NOx reduction are now cheaper and simpler than ever. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which has been used by ELEX in industrial applications for years, has finally conquered the tough environmental compliance challenges facing cement plants. In a second step, SCR is revolutionizing exhaust gas treatment. “Multi-Pollutant Control” finds answers for increasingly tough environmental requirements and surpasses everything on the market.

Who can integrate the catalytic scrubber into the cement process? A young joint venture which combines 225 years of experience can. For 75 years ELEX has been the undisputed leader for industrial scrubbing using precipitators. Its  innovative engineering leads to more efficient environmentally friendly, and economical, solutions. This, combined with 150 years of Thyssenkrupp Polysius experience as a market leader in building complete cement plants, creates an impressive team in today’s market.

With this combined expertise the newly founded company, Elex CemCat, is focusing on money-saving opportunities for cement plants. How? Please continue reading.

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