High-dust arrangement relieves not only the environment
but also your budget.

Flowsheet High-Dust Flowsheet High-Dust

The reduction of nitrogen oxides, a precursor of ozone, is not only of environmental but also political interest. As part of the catalytic denitrification process, ammonia (NH3) is injected into the exhaust gas flow. This causes the nitrogen oxides (NOx) to transform into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O), by reacting on the catalyzer surface.

With the SCR catalyzer in your cement plant you will do your part in reducing NOx, and by using our high-dust arrangement, we are reducing the equipment required. This not only saves investment costs, but operating costs as well.

The catalytic denitrification plant will be installed right after the preheater, thus adapting perfectly to the process. Since the gas temperatures after the last cyclone stage match the operating temperature of the catalyzer, no additional heating is required.

The dust cleaning of the catalyzer takes place by means of dust blowers which have been optimized by CemCat to meet the rigorous demands of the cement process relating to reliability and energy consumption.