Our Multi-Pollutant SCR system not only eliminates emissions
but also eliminates concerns about your investment.

Catalytic denitrification has an additional significant advantage: Not only are nitrogen oxides being converted on the catalyst, but dioxins, furans, mercury and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are also oxidized.

These reactions take place at the same temperature range as the denitrification process. This is why SCR is not only for NOx removal, but for other criteria pollutants as well.

CemCat’s expertise in the SCR process being supplemented by experience with SNCR technology. This system, which has become common in almost every cement plant, is combined with an SCR system and integrated in an overall optimized concept which insures minimal investment and operating costs. This concept is also highly flexible and able to handle changing operating conditions. SNCR enhances the effective lifetime of the SCR catalyst and provides additional peak shaving denitrification capacity for compliance with emissions limits when the kiln line is in upset conditions.

The SCR technology from CemCat will provide a high level of investment protection for many years to come.

Above all of this, a CemCat SCR plant may be further optimized as the process requirements, emission limits and/or fuel choices change. A CemCat SCR is designed to be flexible.