Tailored dust cleaning for high-dust SCR not only ensures reliability
but also lower operating costs.

To apply SCR to the cement industry, we had to overcome the challenges posed by high concentrations and stickiness of dust. The growth of hard encrustations constricted channel inlets or accumulated dust blocked channels completely.


March 2014

2nd Global EnviroCem Conference & Exhibition, 20-21 March 2014, London (UK)

Presentation given by Franz-Josef Zurhove at the Global EnviroCem Conference. Please click here to view the full presentation (PDF).

August 2013 

Press article World Cement issue August 2013

Franz-Josef Zurhove and Mark S. Terry in discussion about their experience with catalytic scrubbers in daily use. Please click here to view the full article (PDF). 


July 2013

Combination SCR/SNCR

As we have seen the combination of SCR and SNCR technologies offers new advantages for our customers. ELEX CemCat AG has generated know-how for such applications with its first contracts.


Experience gained led to improvements in the geometry and operating procedures, which has drastically reduced these effects. The result is a continuous and reliable operation over the long term. The operating costs have been reduced significantly.  


September 2011

Reliability and energy efficiency

 After a reliable operation of the SCR with a constant pressure drop of more than 1 year, CemCat implemented the next development step. This achieved a reduction of the energy consumption of the dust cleaning by more than 25%. The low pressure drpü of the reactor contributes also to the reduction of total energy consumption. Compared with 2009, the energy consumption has been halved. High Dust has a minimum of piping and equipment giving a low Δp gesture, and now significantly improved energy consumption for dust cleaning.

This is of course not the end of our development, further improvements are in progress. We will inform you as soon as they have been proven in industrial operation.





January 2011

Cement specific dust cleaning

Adopting dust cleaning to the most stringent requirements of kiln dust, two negative phenomena observed in the past have been eliminated. Problems with hard encrustations, which grew until they blocked the catalytic channels, have been solved. Blocking of channels with normal dust has almost completely disappeared.
This has been achieved by changing the geometry and operating parameters of the dust blowers. Both phenomena are reduced to the extent that the operational impact are no longer noticeable. Currently a continuous operation  without maintenance of 16 months
has been achieved. Further kiln operation is adding to this period.